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This blog has been created to allow family and friends to share in and become part of the experience of 'Down at the Farm'.
Enjoy the children, their love for each other and their open hearted wonder and excitement.
Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
Each vignette is a snapshot in time. Follow from one to another, then on to more and you can share in our unfoldment and journey.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bubbles for birthday boy and hello to Darcy ...

In amongst this treasure trove of photos you'll get to meet Darcy, who is already a great fit with this little crew.

Also Charlie beaming his smile wider than usual as he's just had a birthday. Nothing like a child to bring out the HAPPY in Happy Birthday to it's full extent.
... ... ... and not to forget, Soukie, Gabriella and Mac all being their beautiful selves!

Farm 18.06.10 and 24.06.10c

Monday, June 28, 2010

How old, what shape, how big ... and hello Luke!

 Kari's gang's latet fun bundle ...

Sitting having our morning snack, Lola began talking about the ages of people...She told us that her Dad was 42, but maybe he was 7, Natalie said her Dad was 6, Ali said that her Dad was 23-6, Monique said that her Dad was 20. Luke sat quiet for a while, then he said, "My Dad is Ben".

Ali showed us her biscuits that she was excited about. 'They are square..see? and she held them up for us to see. Lola said that if you turned it around it was a diamond which she thought was very magical. Natalie was also eating a biscuit, it was a circle she said. Ali looked at her and said 'Hey, thats a squirkle with big bites..!'

Lola held her hands out wide and said ' Look at our zoo Kari, it's this big!'

Meet Luke the newest member of our gang! He fitted in easy as can be, bringing a lot of sweetness with him.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bye, bye birdy...

Jock in the vege garden with George ...

On friday morning Daisy, Jock, George and Dawn headed up for a play under the big Peppercorn tree near the pigs (after a ramble through the vege garden). 

As everyone poked around looking at things, Jock wondered off towards the worm farm some 10 metres away or so.

I watched him being Jock, quietly curious, looking at the large boxes the worms are in, getting close and looking at marks on the boxes like he'd just made some marvellous discovery and was reading some ancient script.  Fascinated by bits of tan bark and stick, picking things up, putting them down... ...quietly exploring in his very gentle Jock way. 

At one point, he leant up against one of the boxes quiet and still and seemingly staring into the ground below. 

As I engaged with all of the children, Jock called to me, 'Nella, look I found something'.  I called back, 'In a mintue Jock, soon.' as I tended to helping Daisy and Dawn both fit comfortably into a hollow stump.

Next thing, Jock was standing next to me, took my hand and insisted, 'Nella, come, look.'  No time for, ' .. in a minute'.

I went over with Jock and he stood where he'd been, pointing to the ground, 'Look, look.'

I looked down expecting to see a caterpillar or worm or rock or some small treasure from mother nature and all I could see was tan bark.  I kept looking, seeing nothing, while Jock pointed and kept saying, 'There, there!' 

All the while insistent.

Eventually, I stood beside Jock and slid down to his level and saw that he wasn't pointing down, but towards the underneath of one of the worm boxes.

There in the tan bark lay a dead Mynah bird.

I looked at Jock's little face and into his dear little eyes bursting with all he was feeling and glad that I had come and could see what he was seeing.

 'It won't fly.'

We looked for a moment or two at it lying still and to my eyes, obvious that it had not been so, for very long.

'Yeah Jock, it won't fly.'

I realised that he'd been standing here looking at this little bird for some time, knowing that it wasn't moving and realising something was going on with it. He had been in deep observation and contemplation, not concerned or anxious though feeling it really mattered to let me know what he was seeing.
Soon all the children were gathered, looking at and all talking about the dead bird.

What to do?

Farmer Nick was our answer.  Nick is beautiful in his interactions with the children, warm, interested, friendly, happy to share a bit of info and the children over time have all seen how well he tends to things and how much work he does ... ... especially caring for the farms feathered friends.

Off we went and found Nick at the new shed, talking to one of the men working there.

'Nick, Nick, dead bird', the children called.  Nick came over to see what we wanted and we decided together that we could bury it. 

Nick suggested that we put it under a newly planted fruit tree as it would really help the fruit grow.

Off we went with a spade, lifted the bird onto it, walked down to the fruit tree and dug a hole.

The children were fascinated and fascinating.  All curious, interested and being themselves.  What happened to it?  How did it die?  Will it come back?  Make the hole bigger, don't squash it, that looks soft, where will it go.. .. ..?

As we chatted away, and the hole was dug, I noticed their concerns were mostly about the birds comfort and that we did this well.  'It's soft in there.'  'It needs to be bigger.'  'Don't squash it.'  'That's good, it can fit.'

I gently lay the bird in the hole and we all stood there looking at it. 'That's a good bed' said Dawn.. ..I think.  Jock surveyed things and burst out with, 'Need a roof, need a roof.' 

So we talked about the earth covering it and how that would be a good roof and keep the rain out and would even be warm and keep the bird safe now.

As we shovelled the dirt on and I patted the last bit in place.  The children all gathered round in a circle. 

A moments stillness was followed bye Jock saying, 'All finished' and a moment later Dawn adding in stillness, 'The birds gone now.' 

Simple, beautiful, whole and complete we'd taken care of the bird that couldn't fly and all was well at the farm.

Sisters together and thursdays joy ...

Hello Jyra ...

Whose little sister are you .. ?

Dakota's !


How sweet it is to be loved by you ...

Let me try those ...

Boys in the bush ...

From Collages

What's in a name, spontaneous joy, missing a friend and glubbs...

Finn has called me Da-linna since he started at the farm, was it 2008?  All the children he plays with call me Danella themselves, yet Da-linna when they talk with Finn.  On wednesday last week, while having several conversations at once, Finn called for my attention, 'Da-linna, Da-linna.'  I couldn't in that moment even stretch myself to say, 'Just a moment Finn.'

He called again, and straight after again.  Let out a huge sigh of frustration at not getting a response immediately and then called, 'Da-nilla', at which point I was able to answer and that sealed the deal.

I discovered with the passing of another week, that I am now to Finn, Da-nilla.

Dawn is often skin bursting with joy and excitement either for her friends, the farm or pretty much life itself.  As we walked through the garden friday week ago, Dawn who was bouncing along like a ball of sunshine, got very excited at one point and burst out with a huge giggle and bit of a sueal, she turned to me, looked me straight in the eye and said, 'It's time to go a little bit wild'

Dawn striding off through the vege garden ..

Farrah looking at my gloves on thursday suddenly looked at me and asked, 'Where's my glubbs?'

Where's ya glubbs .. ?
Daisy taking a good look at everyone as we sat for our picnic and really taking in each person and how things all felt, turns to me and says from the depth of her heart and with loving intent, 'A-aya. you lost Maggie and A-odee (Elodie).'  Magnus was away with a cold and the depth of Daisy and her feeling for her little friends was obvious to me as hearing Elodie in Daisy speak was a surprise, she hasn't been with us for maybe two months now. Daisy was really feeling who was missing from her day.
Daisy in the garden with friends ...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solstice Bonfire

During the last week, we all got to see the bonfire pyre reaching high and the farm in readiness for the Solstice Bonfire.  Farmers all busy, lanterns EVERYWHERE in the barn and a quite hum of expectation in the air ... even a fairy made an appearance (her name is Imogen)

Saturday night the spectacle unfolded ...

It was a truly magnificent evening.  Children, families and community gathered in peace, surrounded by mother nature and embracing a moment together where the simple, yet deeply moving experience of the fire touched us all.  The farm a place in the community where we can gather for goodness.

Ava, Willow, Winston and Farrah = FUN!

Ava ~ cute as a button and loving her day at the farm...

A cool day and caterpillar magnificence ...

Wednesday was winter for sure and both Kari's small gang (3 on the day) and my gang (all there and full of beans), we spent quite some time playing.  At one point a rather magnificent caterpillar made an appearance.  All orange and brown and majestic in colour, it also had hair that in places sat like feather shaped tufts ~ it was looking like a cross between a ceremonial procession of great importance and a viking boat in full sail.

We watched it for ages, the children quite taken.  All of a sudden the game shifted away from the caterpillar and as I watched the children re-create a game a little way away, a magpie landed at my feet.  Cocked it's little head and looked straight at me out of one eye.  I thought to myself, 'I know what you're thinking of doing' and before my thought had formed, the magpie, hopped up beside me and the magnificent spectacle we'd all enjoyed only a moment ago, suddenly became magpie lunch!

farm 16.06.10

Thursday, June 10, 2010

From grey skies to sunshine, walking miles in between ...

Well we were only a little gang of four today that slipped back to three by half time...

From a cold grey start to warm sunshine by the end, our time was enjoyed by all.

Willow has never been so hugged at the farm as she was today by Winston and Farrah!  What a treat to have them both along together and what a treat to see quieter than both Willow, snuggle into a hug with a giggle as they came her way from Winston and Farrah, then Farrah and Winston, then both, then another as the day wore on.

Winston and Farrah, brother and sister who usually have their own separate days to visit, came together and were both totally gorgeous from start to finish.  Winston as always, kind and generous, Farrah independent and curious, both looking out for each other and both of them very funny ~ the sense of humour in that family is not in short supply!

The best thing of all, was Willow loved being with them both the whole time.

Around mid morning, a very rare and special treat, Willow, Winston and Farrah were treated a baby chino from the farm cafe, check out the faces for these!

We also walked for miles, out along the bike path to see where the bees live, down past the horses all rugged up together and to a wonderful tree to climb, before heading back to the main farm area.

farm 10.06.10

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trying on guinea pigs, nurses and p-wincesses for size ...

Ella sat with Ginze the guinea pig on her lap in absolute rapture at the squeaking sounds the little creature was making.

She looked at me, (Kari) wide eyed and started to wiggle and twitch her nose like Ginze was, and then began to copy the little squeaks perfectly.

Every now and then she stopped and listened intently to the sound the guinea pig was making again, and then she would continue her own squeaks and songs....as if she were letting herself understand what it felt like to be a guinea pig for a moment in time.

Lola ran a hospital. All the patients came and felt very cared about and Lola knew just what to do to cure all these patients.

Beds were made up for everyone and long times of dreaming were prescribed for each of the patients.

Lola patiently described how much dreaming was needed for each patient and then made up medicine and put it at the end of the beds of the patients...everyone so quietly listened and made miraculous recoveries just at the times Lola said they would!

It was beautiful to watch Lola so sure of herself and her wisdom, and equally as beautiful to watch the other children be so trusting of her and her remedies!.....

One Liners...

My group walked into the barn and saw Danella and her group on Wednesday. Danella said hello to Monique who promptly answered, "I'm not Monique, My name is Ariel Snow-White Danielle P-wincess!"

Ah the wistful voice of Monique...."Oh, I'm all alone without my Pwince"............."My Pwince isn't coming!"...

Monique....."Put my glass slipper on Pwince Edwin" ordered Monique and promptly handed Angus her gumboot!

Lola chipped in with "You can put one on me too! and handed him a sneaker!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little of last friday's mood from the old timers ...

From Collages

Meet the new gang ...

Well the last few fridays have seen a few extra little folk acquainting themselves with each other and farm life.  They share their journey with Carly.

Enjoy the first photo bundle of their travels. Looks like it was fun for Mac, Gabriella, Charlie and Soukie ...

Farm 21.05.10 and 28.05.10c