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This blog has been created to allow family and friends to share in and become part of the experience of 'Down at the Farm'.
Enjoy the children, their love for each other and their open hearted wonder and excitement.
Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
Each vignette is a snapshot in time. Follow from one to another, then on to more and you can share in our unfoldment and journey.
Enjoy your visit ...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I didn't believe I could ...

Seems the Oak tree was the place to be this week.   On Friday morning it's where Frieda, Ted and Olivia wanted to be while we waited for Yoshi to join us.

It was heaps of fun climbing the hill.  Frieda her usual gazelle like self and Olivia and Ted showing incredible courage.  Olivia could hardly believe herself as she found her own way up ... a little higher each time.  Everytime she turned to see me, she was wide eyed with happiness and pride.

Ted was simply awesome.  He showed so much courage and tenacity for this feat ... something that until this day he'd believed was beyond him.  It took only the tiniest of encouragments for him to reach further each time he climbed ...  and he too was filled up with happiness and pride ... and so rightly deserved!

On request we went to the vege garden .. and a visit to my patch meant we could pull things up ... there was huge joy for each carrot pulled. We also carted off a great big armful of spinach to feed the chickens with ... that's always fun and a great way to get up close and to feel comfortable with the chickens.

Yoshi and Frieda giggling with joy ..

Yoshi happy to be perched in a tree ...

Olivia and Frieda had been busy baking ... a hollowed out tree stump was their mixing bowl, kitchen table, oven and more.   The process was so tender, that for more than an hour they sat and placed soil and twigs and bits that they found into the 'bowl' ... and mixed and baked.  They were so totally immersed, that it was as if each little grain of soil was being held with love and explored and gotten familiar with before it went in the mix.  Towards the end, Ted had to join in (while Yoshi was up the tree :) )

A ducks egg for Sam ...

For a while on thursday morning, it was only me and Sam.  We had such a sweet start to the day ... just gently getting comfortable and Sam being able to find his own way through the first little stretch of the day.   Best thing was, he found a ducks egg.  Like a prize at the end of the explore together.  He was as  pleased as ...

Poetic beauty ...

There are moments at the farm that are like poetry and magic ... so sublime and beautiful that I know I'm witnessing the pure essence of a child emerge and speak.

This is a moment of Samson ... it was so.oo.oo beautiful, I almost felt my heart burst with love for him.

We were in the chorale in the sun at the end of the day on Wednesday.  Samson's request after our hours at the Oak tree.

Samson sat in the sand and smoothed out a place in front of him.  He gave a little .. 'hmm..mm..' as he surveyed what he'd done and then sat inside the oval/slash circle and just sat for a moment ... as if trying on for size the space he'd just created.

Next thing he moved his finger in the sand, taking a quick sideways glance my way as if to check I was there to witness.

He drew and said, 'Hmm..I think I'm drawing the sun.'

Then added, 'Yes, I think it is the sun.'

Then in great excitement as he finished, 'Yes, that is.  I did, I did.  I drew the sun.  danella, I drew the sun, look, look.'

Which I did of course and appreciated immensely, as I'd been there to witness Samson trusting himself outloud as he drew.

Next thing he lifted a finger and drew a little circle just below and to the right of the sun ... in the South East so to speak, saying, 'I think that looks like a cloud.'  Then looking and agreeing with himself, that indeed it did.

He then made an agreement outloud, 'I think I need more clouds in the sky like this.' ... and he drew and talked with himself as he did.  Gently appreciating himself all the way round.  Occasionally peeking to see that I was there to witness ... and I was.

Finally he was done and was full of wonder at himself, 'danella ... look what I did.'  He said, in wonder and appreciation and with a heart full of pride and a desire to share.

This is what was there to see ...

Like tribal markings in the sand of the day we'd just spent ourselves immersed in.  Samson's heart speaking to himself, as he recorded his own memory.

Love and friendship under the Oak tree ...

Frankie, Jyra, Samson and Francesca spent most of wednesday under the big Oak tree.   Seeing it having dropped most of it's leaves in recent weeks and walking through the carpet of leaves underfoot was a wonder and like balm.  

It was gentle ... and we had the sun peeking at us from across the river warming us from the cool air ... and contentment abounded.

All gusto was burnt up quickly with some fun on the big hill near by.  Jyra set her sights on reaching the top ... and she did feeling mighty proud of herself along the way and very happy once she reached the top.  On that down hill run, she may as well have had skis underfoot (I can see Tess and Jamin smiling at the thought of that right now :) ) ... and she wound her way down, legs bent, a little body sway and a big smile. 

Once all the energy for that was spent, little huddles of play went on for hours.  Digging, creating, making beauty ... and the magpies came to visit too.  The children now aware to be still ... Samson had one magpie come right up close and they looked at each other in curious stillness almost eye to eye.  I didn't even want to move to get that pic in case the magic of the moment and all Samson's wonder were lost in a flash. 

Francesca and Frankie, backs to the sun making little handfuls of beautiful things and whiling the time chatting as they warmed up.

Samson and Jyra, most industrious in play and totally engaged with and enjoying each other.

There was immense satisfaction for everyone in the gentle, deep uninterrupted hours we spent under our much loved Oak tree.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Winter Solstice bonfire ...

Known to some as the 'Night of the Mother' ... for out of the dark all things are born ... the community gathered to witness and be warmed as we turn towards the sun once more ...

Goodnight one and all ..

Rain .. rain .. gives us mud mm.mmm mud

Friday morning we had the BEST of times as there were puddles for miles and everything was dew kissed and damp, soft and green.

The children had an absolute ball.  By 10am, Ari was kneed deep in mud, soaking wet from the waist down and ecstatically happy.   Lucky we had those extra clothes in the barn.   Every person we encountered lit up with a smile as they were touched by the joy, excitement and freedom the children were having.

It sort of set the tone for the morning as they were like one tribe in all we did.

A wander through the garden after all the run and fun in the water and mud was glorious.  Everyone slowed down enough for us to notice every little thing that was there to see.   The sun glinted andt he rain drops on nasturium leaves were glinting like diamonds.  One tip of the finger and all those drops rolled into one, like liquid silver.

The bulbs have started blooming and their beauty was held in great reverance too.

It was Olivia's first friday with us ... and she soon decided that Yoshi seemed to know what he was doing.  They were pleased as could be with themselves for finding their way up into the Peppercorn tree and soon after ... guess what we found?  Yes, more mud!!

Such a good day for all ...