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This blog has been created to allow family and friends to share in and become part of the experience of 'Down at the Farm'.
Enjoy the children, their love for each other and their open hearted wonder and excitement.
Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
Each vignette is a snapshot in time. Follow from one to another, then on to more and you can share in our unfoldment and journey.
Enjoy your visit ...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A geography lesson ...

Farrah is off to the UK soon to see her grand parents and has been very proudly telling everyone she is going to Ing-a-lund.

Today she told Milana, 'Banarna, I'm going to Ing-a-lund.'

To which Milana replied, 'Well 'kota (Dakota) and Jyra have gone on a holiday in Chi-nee.'

... and on they played.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the eye of the beholder ...

Today was glorious. 

The weather, the children and all we did.

Frankie, Kornelius, Samson, Oliver and I had the best of times.  Walking, playing ... in imaginary worlds galore,  visiting the vege patch, cuddling guinea pigs and even a walk to the convent where we visited the c3 art space

That was a first for these guys my story to share out of many today and a treat as you'll see why ...

In we walked past prints on the wall (if you click on the c3 link, you can see some info about each of the artists works) at first to a little room at the end.  Framed works surrounded us all part of the theme.  Each piece contained a grid and within each space in the grid layered colours that looked like it had three bands in it.  Some were more monochormatic and some a little more contrasting or dramatic all quite gentle and looking lovingly attended to.

As the children looked round and took them in, wondering out loud what they were.  Samson pipes up and says, 'Oh, it's beds,'  like he was looking at an image of hundreds of little beds all lined up neatly, each band I imagine a base, mattress and covers or something similar.  Kornelius agreed and soon they were all chatting.  'I like those beds.'  'I like this bed.'  'That beds like my bed.'

We walked into the next space with large images on the wall.  Next I hear Samson again, 'Look at this one.'  Kornelius joining, 'Yeah, it's my favourite ~ what is it?' and I looked to see them in an excited huddle with Frankie and Oliver, looking at the fire extinguisher!

Our next discovery was glorius ... and this time it didn't matter what it was as it just instantly drew us in ... the children loved it ... I'll show you a pic of the whole thing and then shots of what it was actually created from ...

... as you'll see everything in it is recycled ...

.. a crocheted owl ..

.. lots of covered coat hangers ..

.. tea cosies ..

.. lots of bananas in pyjamas ..

.. dolls ..

.. more tea cosies, doilies and beanies ..
every little thing was a source of fascination and the overall size was as well to the children

.. and last thing for today, I just had to share Kornelius' t-shirt which he so proudly showed us all once the day warmed up enough for the layers to be peeled back a little ..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Even on the coldest of days .. a beautiful place to be

Sticks, flames and charcoal

There are so many seasons and cycles that we get to experience at the farm ... here is the bonfires evolution over three weeks ... such a wonder for the children ...

From this ... the great pile

... to this ... the burning flames

... to this ... charcoal and ash

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An action packed day kept us warm ...

Our first adventure was to head down the back of the farm where everyone could run around and be noisy for a while.  On the way, we stopped to play right near the piglets, this was such a wonderful spot to stop as the piglets came right up to us and even managed to find their way out of the their pen to come and be playing where we were. I did let the farmers know that the little cheeky piglets could get out ... it was such a wonderful moment for the kids, as it is very often hard to get close to the piglets.  They each had a few pats and off the piglets went to play and dig in the mud. Quite similar to what we did next.

We stayed there for a bit longer while Taj started playing a beat on the drum next to us, Ella joined in next and then came Archie.  They had a great little rhythm going, look out three little musicians in the making!

We went off to the witch’s garden next ... we actually spent most of our day down there with a picnic. In between so many creative games were played. We had Taj and Luke on a mission to keep the baddies away while Ella, Eden and Archie made a few houses for worms. Next thing Archie was asking if he could go to Ella’s birthday and before we knew it was everyone’s birthday and we made a very yummy chocolate cake with a candle in it and took it in turns to sing happy birthday to each of us!

Next it was a game of Eden being the dad and Taj and Ella being the babies, while Luke kept watch to protect everyone. A great day of creative and imaginative games, along with a visit the calves and also had a cuddle with the guinea pigs.  Then all of a sudden it was time to go home!

I love that no matter what the weather we always have a wonderful day down at the farm.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanksgiving for the Solstice Bonfire ... and those who made it possible

It is with enormous gratitude to the farm staff and the volunteers they have the support of, that I share the Solstice Bonfire with you.  This simple community gathering honouring the shortest day of the year and the turn once more towards the sun and greater daylight; nourishes community spirit immensely.  The staff at the farm are quiet, dilligent and hardworking in all their endeavours and this wonderful evening shared by thousands is testimony to all they give ... it's a gift and blessing to our community. 

Late afternoon crowds gather ...

... evening draws near

Food stalls ready to provide for the crowds ..

... the moment before

... here we go ...

sparks to the heavens ...

... almost done

... heading for home

... all still as things end


Friday, June 17, 2011

Bwack, bwack, dock-a-doodle-loo and Hello Ari

Our newsest little farmer for the friday gang arrived today ... Ari ...

... and he spent the day in the company of Ted (and me of course).  What a gorgeous little boy.

He was totally mesmerised with the whole farm experience from the word go.  He got excited by the ducks talking to him, 'Bwack, bwack'  and then heard a rooster and turned to me with big eyes and said, 'Dock-a-doodle-loo'.  A little while down the track we ran into some geese and a few of them were very in Ari's face.  He stood his ground, watching a listening to their very loud and all at once cacophony and the minute there was a bit of quiet, he leant slighty towards them and  said, 'Oh, hello'.

Ted strode out and led the way for the day and it was so funny to see Ted suddenly being leader of the pack ... even if it was just a pack of two.

Ted got really excited at one point when he looked up and saw the city skyline.  He called, 'Hey the city, the city.' then added proudly, 'my dad works there, in the city.'  I asked, 'What does he do Ted?'  To which he answered, 'He works.' 

With Ari, found some puddles and the two boys had a good splash after a little due consideration ...

The cow was pretty big and so this was as up close and personal as it got for Ari ... though he and Ted had eyes on stalks when she turned her rear end to us, lifted her tail and did a great big cow poo so they got to see it all happen.

Ted was wrapped to be able to take Ari to the Witches Garden ... and Ari couldn't believe he was allowed to go with Ted into the cubby.

Can I really go in there?

Checking each other out ...

We also found some ducks eggs and the boys took one each to Farmer Julia ... and made the journey with eggs in tact ...

We also cuddled guniea pigs and saw the baby pigs, played under the peppercorn tree and climbed the dragons tail hill.  We fed the horses and goats and saw the bonfire stack ready for tomorrow night and ... phew ... are you tired yet ..? We picnicked by the fire and watched the peacocks and wandered along the bike path to see the young cows.  What an enthusiastic, full and wonderful day it was. 

I know we have to wait and see but I've got a hunch we've got a perfect match for our whole gang in Ari coming along.  Can't wait until he meets Magnus next week and then Dakota and Jyra the week after.

Ted being sunkissed ...

p.s. Magnus, Ted M.I.S.S.E.D you like crazy today, your are so his hero and today I think he may have been a little of the same for Ari!  

Ah the simple things in life ...

Simple seems the best for these guys, they just love the slow pace and being able to do anything they are interested in for as long as they like.

For example, today we spent 2 hours making a cake in a bucket with mud and grass and lots of other yummy things.  All the children got involved and were happy as anything for ages!

We found stirring sticks, each person adding their own flavour to this wonderful mess. We had: coriander, coconut, watermelon, cheese, tofu and all sorts of other flavours. We had a great time there under the peppercorn tree near the pigs and managed find and create something to do there for most of our day. I did suggest a few other adventures, but they were so happy, didn’t really want to leave, even when I said it was time for a picnic.

We did leave and had a yummy picnic in front of the fire in the barn, also had a cuddle with the guineapigs and a play near the duck pond and wow all of a sudden it was 12.50.

Such a great bunch to spend time with and we all really enjoyed our day ...