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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

three times two = a really good day for all !

This little post belongs to last week and with photos not wanting to load we've had to wait ...

We had two siblings from each of three families spend the day together last thursday.

Twin brothers Arlo and Oscar came for their first day.  Sisters Anna and Iris, who visit the farm regularly, also spent their first day together in one of our little gangs ... and Sienna and Magnus who have both come along over time for weekly visits and came together for a day ... making our three times two.

Farm magic was afoot for we couldn't have asked for a better mix of personalities on the day.

Arlo swinging from a branch 'like spiderman'

Oscar making a quick dash out of the tree and off to see what some of the other children were doing.

Can you see me?  Pint sized Iris had no qualms climbing ... and loved being able to peek out at what the others were up to while she was doing it.

Anna with a peacock feather ... quietly taking in its beauty.

School holidays at the farm can be really busy and the guinea pigs are often only open for short times during the day so they don't get totally overwhelmed and stressed.   We were lucky.   They were open in the morning and we all got to warm up with each other cuddling the guinea pigs.  It doesn't come much better than that ...





Sienna, Magnus, Anna

Iris sidled up to big sister Anna

The whole gang

We also got to visit the baby chicks and spend time watching the ducks bathe and dig for things to nibble in some compost.   That was fascinating as the duck seemed to loose half it's head underground for a moment.

Yet the best fun of all was down the back playing in the Witches Garden ... that went on for hours.  The best thing was the goats were next door and Pebbles the cat came to visit and smooch and a little magpie lark came close and was curious too ... so our play was interspersed with some great moments with the animals.   The goats especially entertain as they love the foliage in the garden and happy to say hello and be fed.

The play and conversation between the children was easy ... all day long and their joy and delight at the wonder and mystery of the farm as well as the animals was gorgeous.   If it ever ended up that this three times two could spend the day together again and I think it would 'Yes' all round for the adventure for sure.

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