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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ziggy's history lesson ...

Guess who this is .. ?
.. any clue yet ..

It's Juliet Caesar of course!!

Now how did we all get to find that out?  Well we played under the mulberry tree yesterday and all grabbed a few green leaves to take down the back paddock to feed the sheep.   On our way, we stopped by the walnut tree.  Lots of green nuts had hit the ground and while we looked amongst them for open ones and half shells which are fun to play with ... or to take home to float in the bath,  Ziggy held up his two mulberry leaves.   He held one to each ear, took on an air of great dignity and authority with it and looked at the rest of us and announced, 'It's Juliet Caesar.'   I got it straight away and as Ziggy looked at the other little faces looking back at him with no sign of recognition anywhere ... he followed up his announcement with, 'Well he was with the Romans.'

The photo was taken at this point, when the authority and dignity had slipped a little after there was no sign from his friends that they knew who Ziggy was.

... and this happened at the end of a wonderful day where the miles were covered by Milana, Alessia, Anna, Ziggy and Orlando.    Bonds are forming beautifully already with the change of faces this year.  I think our time in the sand showed this beautifully ... 

A communal sand castle was made and it was so lovely to see the children all finding a really cooperative and caring way to do this together.

Milana and Ziggy were really interested in each other and both had a quiet deliberate way about them that seemed to match.   It brought them both satisfaction and joy.

Creating beauty

Carrying a load

Anna and Alessia got busy together.   Alessia was really animated with Anna.   Anna steady and attentive and really enjoying Alessia while they created together and had fun.

Orlando was a bit of an action man, here and there and narrating his every move back at the rest of the gang ... which you can see in his face in these pics ... great concentration and important information being shared here ...

Later in the day we played in the cool of the barn and Alessia entertained us all, much to the pleasure and delight of big sister Milana.

Orlando had a bit of a sing and a clap too ... as the day wound up for us all

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