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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Daisy's diamonds

On thursday while playing down in the little green paddock we call the Witches Garden, Willow came up to me with eyes wide open and said, 'Danella, come and see, come and see what Dakota found.  It's in the bushes and it's all flowery and beautiful.'

Next thing Dakota appears with Milana in toe. Dakota with a look on her face that said she could hardly believe not only what she had found, but also how beautiful it was.

I had imagined a little flower or blossom on a bush, yet in her hands was a string of cut glass beads of many different hues, shaped like flowers, daisies in fact.

To the eyes of all the little girls at the farm, the most beautiful treasure in the world had been found... ...jus like magic, right there in a bush where they were playing.

For me, as I took in every little face, it came with the realisation that those little flowers were strung last week round Daisy's neck and that the next day I'd be seeing her... ...I allowed some moments of wonderment before I had to break the news.

'Yes, what an amazing thing to find and yes, how beautiful they are... ...and finally, I even know where they came from.' 

Talk about feeling like bursting the bubble, with all little eyes on me.

I told the girls about Daisy and how she comes on friday and loves the farm too and has beautiful blonde hair and a smiley face and that those were here flowers they'd found... ...they were all listening.  I then asked whether I might be able to give those beads back to her the next day and told them how happy I'm sure Daisy would be to know they had found them and took such care of them.

Dakota was gorgeous.  With a long lingering look and little sigh... ...she gave them to me and said, when you tell her Danella, you can tell her Dakota found them.

Which of course I did.

Below, the other little gang on wednesday here for your viewing pleasure, (roll mouse and click on links like this to go to photo page) ...

farm 07.04.10 and 14.04.10k

On wednesday...

From Collages
On thursday...

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On friday...

From Collages
If you take a close peek above, you can see how quickly the shed is taking shape...

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