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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Harvey you are such a delight!

This morning in the chicken house, Harvey, Finn, Omkara, Agnes and I were checking out the new nesting boxes and how comfy they looked for the chickens.

We were also keeping out eye out for any eggs to collect.

Lo and behold two chickens moved in their nests and we could see that right under each was a cache of eggs.

Hmm..mm..mm what to do?

We knew not to scare them off, so we stood back and wondered if they'd get off.  Then we asked them to get off.  Then we watched to see if they'd oblige. 

No luck and lots of patience.

We decided to go outside and wait quietly while we watched through the window.  The plan was the chickens wouldn't know we were waiting and they might get off their nests and we could collect some eggs.

After a few moments, Harvey slumped down on the stoop of the old tool shed head in one hand and said, 'Danella, my fingers sore.'

I looked to see that he had one finger tucked over the other and asked, 'Where is it sore Harvey? Can you show me.'

He held his hand up, one finger still tucked over the other rather tightly and I said, 'Why don't you take this finger off?' pointing to the top one, '..it might help.'

Harvey piped up and said, 'No, you said keep your fingers crossed.'

.. .. and I had, 'Well if we keep our fingers crossed the chickens might get off their nests.' 

Harvey in totally trust and faith in my spoken word had done just that and even when his fingers hurt he wasn't about to give up!

Time for another strategy...

'Well maybe we could sing to them.'

I made up a song that went something like this,

'Hey little chickens all snug in your nests.
Time to get up and finish your rest.
Then we can collect your eggs.'

Harvey standing alongside me peered in as I sang and swung round with the last line and said...

'Hey, don't sing that last bit danella.'
I was deeply moved by Harvey's faith and trust in me and in the power of my little song.   If I can sing to get them off their nests, of course the chickens will understand I want to collect their eggs and there is no point letting them know that.  Such innocence and such intelligence.


Renaee said...

Harvey keeping his fingers crossed - had a bit of a laugh on that one ;-) Renaee.

danella connors said...

Yes Renaee,

It was a very heartwarming moment. He was so earnest and had so deeply and innocently taken my comment in ...