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Enjoy the children, their love for each other and their open hearted wonder and excitement.
Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

... are you just going for a walk?

Often play amongst children allows us to witness how easily they can improvise and create, as well as how easily they share love and goodness ..

Down near the horses this morning, Oli found a way to hook one of the boxes used to balance the poles for horse jumps onto the fence on the mounting area ... and lo and behold a great place to balance and adventure slide ..

Hey guys ... see, it does work ... !

Yep, pretty good ...

Cosmos had to try it out for himself ...

... and that was a good reason to make another ...

Feijoa trees in blossom

Oli and Jyra were 'Mum and Dad' in their game again this week ...

For Oli and Jyra that means spending a whole lot of time being kind to each other and sharing lots of hugs ... so much so that they even forgot they had children this week, and their three 'sons', Kornelius, Rolf and Cosmos had a great old time playing cubbies and running amok ... mostly because ... '.. they aren't watching us yet ..'

Oli found a lady beetle ..

Oli and Cosmos picked loads of nasturtiums together ...

.. and they all ended up here ..

Then folk started to walk by on the bike path.   Kornelius, Rolf, Cosmos and Oli laid out the flowers along the path and started to greet folk as they came along.    


Which usually got a 'Hi' back ... or a surpirsed, 'Oh, hello.'

Once they got into a rhythm, they were having a ball, they'd spy people a mile off and be saying, 'Quick, get ready, she is coming now, quick we can say hello.'

They were being very warm and friendly ... and in most cases, making folks day.

The conversation soon became, 'Hi, are you just going for a walk?'

To which they inevitably got the answer, 'Yes I am.'

The boys were hilarious as each time they got another, 'Yes'  they would be stunned and amazed that it was another one out for a walk ... 'Whoa ... ho ... another one. That's lots of people just going for a walk.'

It was a great opportunity to talk with them about greeting people and the best way to do it and what feels good.   I love the natural opportunities for this as the children lap it up and immediately try it out for themselves.

Of course it wasn't long before folk stopped and engaged and found out about the children and shared why they were walking, all great stuff to know.

Once we finished and walked off, Kornelius said, 'I say Hi to people and when I normally say Hi, it's boring.  Saying Hi, like that,' as he pointed over his shoulder to where they'd been the meet and greet folk, 'That was so much fun saying Hi.'

Towards the end of the day, after loads of fun, a lot of walking and very good day, we spied a peacock up high in a Peppercorn tree.   This was such gorgeous reverie, the children were happy to just be still and watch.   They all snuggled in, one on my back, two in my lap and another two leaning in on them.    They wondered how a peacock could get down from a tree when it was up that high.  After lots of suggestions, we all just watched and pondered and all of a sudden as if answering us himself, the peacock took a long low flight down onto the barn roof.

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