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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrating Frieda

We celebrated Frieda’s Birthday today with some yummy chocolate cup cakes that Emma brought for us … … Happy Birthday Frieda and thank you for the Yummy treat.

We also found ourselves really taken on a journey with Frieda today.  She helped us all really use our imaginations. After cooling off in the water near the stables and all being quite wet, we wandered off to the witches garden to be in the shade. There is a wonderful cubby house in there and Frieda, Mac and Minnie asked us to all come inside to join in, in their BBQ.

We had to ask Dan a few times as he was really content following Mash the cat around everywhere … Frieda built a fire and put some chilli sauce on her food and while we waited for the food to cook she gave everyone a beer to cheers with. We had a great few hours down there, also playing on a wonderfully shaped log that works like a sea-saw. Freya and Mac also spent about 15 minutes playing peek a boo on a little seat in the garden, this game never gets boring!

Oh the simple joys of being a child.

The day ended with a game of going to sleep, waking up, going on the bus to the city and then going to sleep again.

I think we might have all been quite tired.

Dan cooling off

Everyone having a barbecue

Happy Birthday Frieda

Mac and Minnie on the thhee-thhaw

Playing Peek-a-boo behind the seat

Sweet dreams Mac

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