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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who made that noise ...

Well who with a child under 5 in their life hasn't talked about, listened to or laughed about a story about 'what bums do' or 'poo' ... seriously, our bodies and fascinating and funny things indeed.

Young children are eternally fascinated and highly amused  by what has come out of the rear end of which animal.  As they get familiar with the farm, they love figuring it out.  They also find their own bottoms and what they do, very interesting and very amusing.

Today while Frankie, Mika, Kornelius, Oliver and Samson were happily playing a little rumble happened from someones bottom.  Like animals grazing and suddenly aware of a noise, they all stopped lifted their heads and the question was asked, 'Who made that noise?'

The conversation that followed was very funny and went like this ...

'Who made that noise?'
'Not me!'
'Not me!'
'Not me!'
'Must've been Samson.'
'No it wasn't'
'Must have been Kornelius.'
'It wasn't me.'
'My dad's bum makes a noise like that.'
'Was it you danella?'
'Not me.'
'My dad makes a noise like this ... pl.ll.ll..ll..lll.'
'My dad makes a noise like this ...  PL..PL..LLL..LLL...LLL'
'Everyone at my house makes a noise from their bum.'
'My dad's bum makes a noise and it smells too.'
'My sister makes this noise .. pl.ll.ll..PL..PL..PL..ll.ll.ll.'

... and on it went ... very matter of factly with lots interest in what each other had to share about their mums and dads and brothers and sisters ... and of  course with lots of laughter ...

Finally one little voice piped up and said quietly yet very definitely ...

'Only my mum's bum doesn't make a noise at our house.'

... and the following photos are the only ones that could accompany a story like this ...

Frankie and Oliver having a great discussion about who did the poo ..

A little further on, Frankie called out .. 'Hey look, more poo, who did that one?'

Sheep Poo

Horse on the left and sheep on the right, great sign posts of which animal has recently walked on by ..

The rest of the day you can peek in the slide show ..

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