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Enjoy the children, their love for each other and their open hearted wonder and excitement.
Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Frankie-Belle Winter Taylor

Oh Frankie-Belle ... the only thing I can say for you is 'Beautiful' ... that is Beauty-Full as that is how you see the world ... totally full of beauty ... and it's also how you be towards life ... seeing the beauty in all things.

I can hardly believe you are going as it's been quite some years since big sister Pepper came along to the farm ... and now with you going ... it's really the end of an era.   That little space you held each wednesday has been held by your family for years and in saying good bye to you ... we say goodbye to Pepper, Kulja and Andy too.   

It's been such a privilege to share a tiny slice of life with your family.   I know I'll miss seeing you all.

Every week you've come along dressed from head to toe ... all by yourself ... in every combinatios and permutation of orange and pink and purple and red, flowers and butterflies, stripes and bows and spots ... with the odd sparkle too ... that there is.   You'd always be looking out at the world through those big blue eyes with a face that says, 'I'm pleased to be here and I feel good about life .. can you see that?'

Your favourite little guinea pig is 'Ginger' ... same colour hair as you (that's orange by the way :) ) ... and your favourite colour eyes ... pink!  A match made in beauty-full heaven!

Most of your days were spent ... seeing the beauty before you and creating more of it.  Often you'd pick up a little leaf, or feather, or flower ... and soon you'd be wrapping it with a strand of hay, then adding a twig ... and as we'd move and play this little creation would morph all day long.   It would also barely leave your hand or sight.   From empty hands to a tiny posy, to a great big tangle of beautiful, interesting things you'd find ... then back to a posy or even just a single flower.   A little hand, full of beauty, all day long.

We'd play and you would immerse yourself in the most peaceful way, with all the flowers and the butterflies and the little things ... all the things ... full of beauty.

... and those Frankie hugs ... WOW, such a big wave of love coming forth from a little body.

You've got a heart of gold Frankie-Belle and we'll miss you for sure.   I know that mumma and dadda and Granpepe and Juju and Nanny and Seamus and all, will keep filling you up with good things as you travel on.  

We love you Frankie and have all felt very loved by you.

Bye Frankie ...

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