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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Follow the logic ...

Down by the stables under the annexe in the rain we picnicked on Wednesday morning.

Here's a little conversation for you to eaves drop on where the subtext is all about understanding relationship and love ... if you want to follow the logic, then listen with your heart.

Samson pops up out of the blue with ...

'Kath likes really old things.'
'Does she Samson?' I replied ... 'What sort of old things?'
'Well she's got a really old house,' ... 'and it's really small.'
'Oh, is that where you stayed when you went to Sydney?'
'Who went Samson?'
'Me and mum and Harvey' ... 'and Dad stayed at home.'

Oli listening to it all has a flash of inpsiration run across his face and he asks Kornelius, 'Did his dad look after you Kornelius?'
Kornelius does a little head spin and says, 'What?'
Oli sighs and says, 'Did Samsons dad look after you when he was home alone?'
Kornelius replies, 'No' and Samson laughs outloud, 'Oli, Kornelius has his own dad.'
'Oh' says Oli and then adds, 'Samson can I come to your birthday?'
Samson replies, 'Nuh.'

Oli asks again, 'Samson ... Can I come to your birthday?'
'No Oli,' says Samson.

Oli not taking it personally at all says, 'Oh Samson, please can I come, I LOVE birthdays.'

Samson replies, 'No Oli, you might wreck the party.'

Oli bounces back with, 'P.U.H.l.eeeaaa.se Samson, I won't wreck it, can I puh..lease come?'

'Samson in final reply mode says matter of factly, 'No, Oli you can't and I won't even give you an invitation.'

Oli gives a little Humph and turns to Jyra, 'Jyra, can I come to your birthday please?'

Jyra replies, 'No, I already had a birthday.'

Then Oli turns to Frankie, 'Frankie, can I come to your birthday?'

Frankie looks back at Oli, with her soft little eyes and says, 'Yes Oli, you can.'

Oli jumps to his feet arms in the air and says, 'Yay, I can, Frankie I can come to your birthday, great!'

Then not knowing where to look says as he scans all faces, 'I can go to Frankies birthday, I can, I can .. I love birthdays.'

Frankie sits and smiles in benevolance and love.

Then, Oli goes right up to Samson and says with his little face full of love, 'Samson, I can go to Frankies birthday.'

Samson looks back into Oli's eyes with love and says, 'Oli that's so great.' andthey beam love and smiles at each other.

So did you follow Oli's thread ... I'm following connections I know are there to find ...Where is the love ... and where is the fun and love? ... well that is what my ears hear.

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