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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gem drops and farewells...

So what are they, 'Gem drops' ... ... ?  Those little gems that drop out of children's mouths ...

Zoe had her last day with us. A bit part of the day was an enormous expression of love for her and her love for all of us that went on all day long.  That felt great and I don't think we could have planned or designed anything more perfect than the day as it happened.

Zoe showed enormous good grace and her capacity to receive the love we all showed was beautiful to behold... ... ...I've said it before and will say it for the last time here, 'We love you Zoe very much and will miss you.  Thankyou for being part of all our lives.' 

As Patsy the cow was being milked, Zoe was talking about having a party and inviting everyone and how much she wanted to have everyone come.  She turned and called to Pepper, "I'll send you an 'indication' to my party."

As some of the children went to walk outside the barn and see what was happening there, Zoe looked up and said, 'Hey, what about cowing?'  Which to me translated to, 'What about our visit to the cow and milking?'         

Pepper had a ball milking Patsy the cow, Farmer Bridget sat on her stool with Pepper alongside her on another and at one point, Bridget had to get up to do something. Pepper instantly slid in closer to Patsy and instead of one hand on one teat, took a teat in each hand, squeezing and looking at how she was going, she suddenly gave a little 'Hmm..mm' of approval to herself, looked at me and said, 'Well I think I'm big enough to do this like a farmer now and could even teach children how to milk.'

Omkara, opened his lunch and looked at each thing her had in deep contemplation.  He decided to start with his flat bread wraps.  After a few bites, he suddenly burst out with one arm flung wide, 'My mum is the best cooker in the world.'

Harvey also had a visitor with him, Monty the monkey from kinder.  Monty got to climb trees and wander the farm and look at the peacock and all sorts of fun, Harvey made sure of that.

Now not quite a gem drop, though definitely a gem was Pepper with the chickens.  After a wander through the vege garden we had a big hand full of green leafies from my plot that we took to feed the chickens.  If ever there was a time to be a chicken it was wednesday morn with Pepper.  She was a delight, watching her with them was like being with the goddess in a gourmet kitchen.  She talked to them, selected tidbits, laid them out like the finest of meals and the chickens loved this and loved Pepper.

Finn, Omkara and Harvey were in and out of superhero mode during their play. They had things popping out of their hands, coming out of their fingers, all sorts of powers at play. Everytime their 'power of the moment' had no effect, they would all resort to using their 'Light Savers' and before you think, 'How very ecological of them', 'Light saver' translates to 'Light Sabre'.

Not with their light sabres, though pics of the boys ...

Finn, Harvey and Monty ...

Omkara with Zoe ...

At the end of the day, Harvey and Finn were looking at sap on a tree out the front.  Finn was really wanting Harvey to look and they talked about eating some and that they thought it was good to eat.  The funny thing was that the whole way along both boys were calling it Zap.  Almost had me convinced to try some.

farm 21.07.10

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