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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peppered with kindness and magical mermaids ...

Well that is exactly what Peppercorn did to Wednesday for us all ... there wasn't a moment in the day where she wasn't giving kindness and love and being oh so very generous of herself.

We started the day in the vege garden seeing how luscious all the greens are in my plot.  Next week we are going down to get some things to make some salad sandwiches together.  (Let's hope it's a bit warmer than the 'soup' weather we've been in this week) Pepper was just gorgeous.  She took the idea straight to heart and engaged with me for ages about wanting to bring something.

'O.k.  I'll bring some bread and cheese and things next week we can have with our sandwiches', I said once decided.

Pepper added, 'I can bring some bread.'  and a discussion ensued where all she wanted to do was be part of creating this for everyone, if I get the bread, she'll bring some cheese ... what else could we bring ... how yummy it would be to eat things straight from the garden ...

As we moved on from here, there wasn't a moment in the day where I interacted with or watched Pepper where she wasn't giving kindness and love ... she's a bit like spending a day with a big honey pot.

Arm around Zoe as they walked and talked, showing us her somersaults while narrating outloud how to do them so we could all try...

... being a very patient patient when Dawn came along (a friday visitor) and we all got to see her Dr's bag.

Zoe was delighted with every moment she spent in play with Peppercorn ..

(a watchful eye over things in the magical fairy house)

 She embued all they did with magic.  For anyone who knows Zoe, some familiar words, "Excuse me, don't you know ...
.. that we're mermaids.
.. that we're magical.
.. that we're fairies.
.. that this is a magical house."

All the while singing and dancing and 'reading' as she does.  Zoe holds court  with two little hands palms open and facing up, her book, as she spontaneously makes up and 'reads' to the others.  So full of wonder and joy for her tale, I found myself almost dropping at her feet to listen yesterday.

Zoe is about to move home and her time with us all at the farm comes soon to and end. Wow, what a privilege to share life each wednesday with this little song and dance girl, who has found her way into all her hearts in a very special way by being Zoe Paul. 

We love you Zoe and we will miss you and wish you lots more magic and adventure ... ... also audiences far wide for your gift as an orator and songstress ... I know for sure that they are the lucky ones!

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