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This blog has been created to allow family and friends to share in and become part of the experience of 'Down at the Farm'.
Enjoy the children, their love for each other and their open hearted wonder and excitement.
Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
Each vignette is a snapshot in time. Follow from one to another, then on to more and you can share in our unfoldment and journey.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wings in the air, potatoes on the ground ...

In a moment in the stables waiting to see if George would come in with his story, Magnus picked up some hay and said, 'Look 'ella, a 'M'!'  Looking very pleased with himself. 

In his hand was a bent straw of hay that to my eyes looked like a big number 7.

I looked at Magnus's little face and said, 'Is that M for you Magnus?'  Thinking, 'No matter it looks like a 7 I think he is proudly telling me he knows his name starts with M.

He put the hay down by his side, eye balled me and said with, 'No.oo.  I'n not 'M', I'n free!'  with all his frustration rolled up with his love .. .. as if to say, 'How could you think that? .. .. have you already forgotten the most important thing about my life right now, is that I turned 'free' last Monday!'

Happy birthday Magnus!

Daisy is a constant source of inspiration with her ingenious take on life.

At one point in the morning we crossed the back paddock and George and Magnus had taken to run across to the sand.  Both pleased about how the could run. Jock ambled along behind and Daisy walked and bumbled next to me in a running commmentary about how she couldn't run.  'Oh, yook Aya, I can't.  I tired.  My yegs can't.' 

All of a sudden she stopped, gave a little surprised 'Oh' to herself.  Wiggled her hands and looked at them, stretched her arms out at her sides and high, flapped her arms, smiled and said, 'Oh, yook I have wings.  I can fly'  and off she went, arms flapping most gracefully as she flew on her way to catch up with the boys.

What a great way to overcome knowing that you can't run!

Almost there, she stopped, bent down and said, 'Yook Aya, a 'tato.' and sure enough she had a potato in her hand. 

Daisy was wrapped with this and continued on talking about her 'tato.

Meanwhile the boys had climbed on to the mounting stand for horse rides and were happily creating a game. 

Daisy climbed up potato in hand saying, 'Yook, yook, I got a 'tato.'

Getting no replies with her general announcement, she started to talk to each boy in person, 'Yook, Jockie, yook, I got a 'tato.' 

She took a step towards Magnus with her hand outstretched and potato held for him to see. 

Magnus was absorbed in his game and not hearing Daisy at all. 

At the same moment she spoke, he turned to say something to Jock and his back was instantly turned to Daisy's face.  Without time to take in that she was approaching his back, Daisy said, 'Yook Maggie, yook a 'tato.' Daisy was now so close, Magnus suddenly heard her, turned to her without seeing what she had in her hand and said, 'I'n not a 'tato Daisy, I'n a pirate.'

Magnus, George and Jock by the river ..

Daisy cow milking
Magnus too ...

Conflict resolution Daisy style .. ..

.. .. we all played in the horse corral in the sand and at one point, Jock and George were in a stand off both wanting to do different things with the same piece of pipe they had. 

Daisy noticed the flow of their play had stopped and all of a sudden, started to take long strides towards them looking suspiciously like a mini version of me!  This I had to see ..

As she got closer she stopped and looked at the two boys saying, 'What's going on you two?'

Yes this was a mini me moment ..

Meanwhile Magnus, popped his head up from his game and said to me with enormous concern, 'I need to go to Daisy' and he walked over and stood alongside her like a silent sentinel, keeper of peace and wanting to find out too what was happening.

This was all so subtle as the stand off between Jock and George was no more than the two of them losing the flow of their play and standing on opposite sides of the pipe, telling each other no to every idea presented.

In response to Daisy's question,
George and Jock turned to her and both told her in gobble-de-gook at the same time what was happening.
She listened turning earnestly from one to the other, then tilted her little head and said, 'Oh .. .. oh' a few times with an air of deep understanding and care accompanying each sound ..

(can I claim that as a mini me moment .. ?   Ok .. pure Daisy it was) ..

Then she takes a breath and with all knowing in her voice she says, 'Doodness me ...'
and in that instant Daisy love filled the air.
Magnus lost the crease in his brow and George and Jock both picked up the pipe together and continued to play.

How sublimely tuned in to each other with enormous sensitivity and love.

Those simple words, 'Doodness me ...' carried on a wave of love that we could all feel .. .. and that wave being the great fix needed.

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