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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let's get married ...

Frankie and Harvey were married yesterday ...

It was the sweetest thing.

We had walked from the back of the farm together towards the barn and Harvey had taken Frankie-Belles hand.  They walked along holding hands and chatting away.  Frankie loved having Harvey's hand to hold and every now and then she'd turn to him, stop mid step and beam her joy and love at him.

Harvey would get all awash and beam right back.  They are both mega-watt when it comes to sharing their heartfelt feeling and seemed to be amplifying this feeling of joy and love and lifes good with each other.

Soon they were immersed in a bubble, of how simply good it felt to walk holding hands and being together.  When we sat to rest, they kept walking in front of us at a slowed pace and quite ceremoniously.  Harvey announced, 'We're getting married.'  then added, 'Do you want to Frankie?' 

Frankie could barely contain the joy she was feeling and just nodded while her smile wrapped round her head twice I'm sure.

They kept walking together this time with the other children all watching.  Walking in step, holding hands. beaming at each other and all of us.

Suddenly Samson got all awash with the good feeling they were sharing and said, 'Hey me too.'  and walked over to reach for Harvey's hand.

Harvey said, 'Sure.' and took his hand.

Kornelius piped up, 'I want to.' and took Frankies hand ... while Oli sat with me and watched on.

Now the four of them held hands and giggled and walked together ... still with a ceremonial air about their pace and posture.

Samson and Kornelius got distracted back into other play fairly soon and Harvey and Frankie-Belle turned to face each other holding hands and smiling.

Harvey leant forward and said, 'Frankie it's really good we came to the Childrens Farm for our 'wetting day' isn't it?'

Frankie smiled, nodded and said, 'Yes Harvey.'  and it felt like the deal was sealed.

To my eyes and ears, It seemed that Harvey and Frankie were really just taken by how good it felt to be together, walk together, be in joy and how it increased between them because they had each other to share it with.  It felt like, 'Getting married' was the highest form of ceremony and celebration that Harvey knew of to acknowledge and share this with us all.

It sure made me smile and warmed my heart very fully and deeply.

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