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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fluid friendship ...

I (Carly) care to share about the dynamics of play today as I have been discussing this with parents lately.

We seemed to have many configurations in play today which I think is great. It allows many different aspects of each of the children to come out according to who they are playing with.

Luke and Taj love playing together and seem to find it a little tricky to let others in to their games, but with much encouragement and also allowing the boys to bond we found our way today. I noticed that once the boys allowed others in, it was often a case of no one really wanting to play that game anway. 

More of the configurations were Taj, Luke and Ella… Luke Ella and Eden… Archie, Eden and Ella… Archie, Taj and Luke and so on... and a question like “Are you my friend?” to each other here and there, really checking out if play felt ok.

The most beautiful part of the day was seeing by the end of the day all five were so into playing altogether. It really showed me that being with them in this fluid way had really allowed them all naturally come to feel like it was wonderful to actually have everyone playing the same game. Maybe that it was even a possibility!

Here are some moments for you to share in below…

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