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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peppercorn Taylor ...

Well today was the last day at the farm for Peppercorn Autumn Taylor ... the girl with a hugely empathic heart ... a total darling.

Pepper's journey at the farm has been a long one, mostly spent with Omkara, Finn, Harvey and Agnes.  The very famous 5 that they were (and you can call my Enid Blyton if you like :) ). 

This year Pepper has come along so much older in terms of maturity, so much taller and life at the farm without the rest of the gang just isn't the same.

A new generation are here to get to know each other and Pepper's heart belongs very much to those she grew with and loved.

What a darling girl.  She has so much warmth about her, a real love for life, gentleness, sensitivity and strength of character to burn.  My life has been enriched in more ways than I can count for having Pepper in it.  Sometimes those big blue eyes looking into mine with a question, the hugs she'd give that would leave you without any uncertainty that you'd been HUGGED.  The way she'd talk about her Mumma and Dadda and Frankie and Gran Pepe and Ju-ju ... always words dripping with love and full of feeling that she is part of the best family in the world.

Her pictures done with Uncle Seamus when she had the weeks travelling to the farm with him.  Now that was special too. 

The miles we walked, the games we played, the adventure we had and it was even Pepper who announced one week at the end of last year that her little gang didn't need me anymore ...

Today in honor of her, we walked and talked about all this as our day unfolded.  We visited the vege patch where Pepper passed on her gardening wisdom to others, teaching Agnes how to plant seedlings.   We walked the bike path to see the She oaks that she helped to plant.  We told Mika how Pepper along with Samson's older brother Harvey and Kornelius's older sister Agnes and our friends Finn and Omkara had planted these trees and why. 

Pepper was so happy to see they were tall and green and big enough now to play in and have fun.  Mika was mesmerised and Oliver keen too.  Kornelius looked very proud that this story was about his sister as well.

Pepper told the kids about the other tree that was good to climb in and introduced them to the aeroplane game that was so much part of last year in that big old tree.  Oliver, Kornelius and Mika loved this and it was like a torch was passed on with a lot of love to the new gang that will walk the byways of the farm now on Wednesdays.

Pepper I love you and will miss you and am so glad to have had you in my life for the time I did. 

Have a great time in Darwin with Mum, I hope all your expectations of what this might be like are met.

Look forward to seeing you when next we do ... Peppercorn Autumn Taylor.

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