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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue skies, sunshine, love and food ...

Yesterday was a glorious day ... the bluest of skies and warmest of sunshine which we filled ourselves up with all day long.  It felt soo..oo..oo good.

Earlier in the day when we were all in the guinea pig house for cuddles. Kornelius was watching the guinea pigs eat and announce, 'I hungry.' He then had a look of deep contemplation on his face and turned to me and said with great certainty. 'Ah-neya, my sister said I can have my bickies first, not my sandwich, not my fruit.'

I had to laugh.  Often when we sit and picnic we talk about our food and where it comes from and what it does for you and how it feels to eat.  I encourage the children to eat the most wholesome of their lunches first and talk with them about how it's important to eat food that will build our bodies, keep us strong, give us energy and that our treats are for pleasure and good when we are full of healthy things first.

I also find that the children open their lunches and it's like all of a sudden all the mums or dads and all the love that has gone into the lunches is there with us too ... and we bathe in it.

I've found, 'I'm hungry' can mean many things.  It can mean, 'I need a change of scene', 'I'm not feeling part of things', 'I need a hug or more connection' ... and of course it can mean, 'I'm actually hungry and need to eat' ... and it can mean, 'I know there is my favourite cake in my lunch box and I want it now!'

Kornelius had it all sussed and even came up with a great source of wisdom and authority to back up his need for treat style sustenance ... his big sister Agnes.

Later in the day, we were all having a conversation about things you eat for dinner.

I asked Samson what his favourite dinner was.  He said, 'Sometimes my Mum cooks and sometimes my Dad cooks.'  As if to say, how do I choose when what I eat is made by me two most favourite grown ups ever.  Asking that is like asking me to pick whether I love mum more than dad or vice  versa!

Kornlius offered, 'My dad doesn't cook.'

Samson considered from his perspective and replied, 'That's no good.'

To which Kornelius added, 'Yeah, my dad's not good.'

Wondering where we were headed ... he added after a still moment, 'That's why my mum cooks.' ... with a big smile.

So he was letting us know, that common sense prevails, when dad's no good in the kitchen, accept it and know, it's great that mum is.

Midway through our conversation about dinner, Oli piped up and offered, 'Did you know that mowers cut grass, it keeps it soft.'

Now as left field as that sounds, Oli LOVES whipper snippers, mowers, cement mixers, fire trucks ... and has a passionate fascination with how they work and what they are for.  As he listened to the conversation about food and love ... in he came with his great loves ... and they are for him, far more interesting than food.

Mean while, Frankie was munching away and Oli offered, 'Is Pepper coming today? I love Pepper.'  obviously having enjoyed a recent visit by Frankies big sister Pepper.

To which Frankie answered, 'Its' Pepper-torn, Pepper-torn Autumn Taylor and I'm Frankie-Belle and my mum tooks noodles and my dad tooks rice.' 

How's that for a mouth full of things that matter ... all offered and followed by a Frankie smile ... now if you haven't had one of those ... everything about Frankie gets rosie and beams when she smiles.

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