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Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Cop-corn' and a 'cup of dollars' ...

From Collages
It seems it's almost like a toungue twister for two year olds.  Daisy wanted to know what I had in a paper bag today and she was convinced it was 'Cop-corn'  (turned out it was a sandwich ... a bit disappointing for a girl expecting  something else.   I smiled as she said, 'Cop-corn', it's a common turn of phrase for little folk and I had visuals of police eating corn on the cob in my minds eye.  

A while later playing a game, Daisy walked away from Milana and Cosmos, busy looking for something.  I asked what she was looking for and she said, 'Some money.'   Milana called out, 'Just get a cup of dollars Daisy,' so I could see it was part of the game.  The discussion so cute as a 'couple of dollars' to their ears had become expressed as a 'cup of dollars'. 

'Here's a cup of dollars Daisy?' 

'I got my cup of dollars.'

... all I could do was smile.

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