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Over time you will get to know the farm through their eyes and will see how they spend their day with each other in a very rich, organic way.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Mm .. mm life's good and so's my yoghurt

Well Magnus was with us for a minute today, not feeling so well and didn't stay ... otherwise it would have been full house for the first time in a month.

As much as we missed Magnus, the rest of the gang did have fun.  It was great to have Dakota and Jyra back and lovely to see them meet Ari for the first time and great for Ted that he didn't have to ask where people were before his day got underway. 

Ted was a little gentlest of gentle love beings when the day started, really tender with each person and wanting to look into each face almost as if to see that the person he had been missing was really there inside.

Dakota talked all morning about where she'd been and what she'd done and I'd ask her at times, 'Was it busy where you were in China?' and she'd say in exasperated tones, 'No, that was in a past holiday.' .. as if I was meant to know that the current thing she was sharing wasn't from her recent trip to China, but a holiday past. 

We spent a good many hours in the Witches Garden, gentle sun soft fall under feet, trees and cubbies and a picnic and lots of fun for all.

When it was picnic time, Jyra insisted sitting on the log seat near our blanket.  She thought it was the best. 

She also did the most wonderful job of enjoying her yoghurt and was quite the entertainment while she did!

and in true Jyra form, just had to let me know at the end how dirty her hands were ...

There was also the most gorgeous of games with Dakota and Ted as pilot and co-pilot not too far from Jyra and Ari who were the same.

Some serious negotiations here between Ted and Dakota, quite the flight plan they were making ...

These two had a ball getting to know each other and as you can see, it was a pretty happy flight they were taking ...

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