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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wednesdays with Carly come to a close ...

The sun blessed us today for our last Wednesday together. Ella is away in Switzerland and Archie away on holidays and Eden we said goodbye to a little time ago.  This left Henri, Taj and Luke to share the ending and farewell.  Taj and Henri were actually having their first farm day together as normally these two boys alternate weeks.




What a wonderful ending it was.  The three boys together made a great little dynamic and they seemed to bond quite quickly. With no surprise, we spent a lot of the day playing super hero games and building things. My favourite thing we built, was a slide with a plank of wood under the Peppercorn tree. The boys took it in turns to slide down the plank of wood and then chase each other around the tree. There was lots of laughter and a few squeals, all expected.

We had a very beautiful lunch altogether. Vicki (Luke’s mum), packed some popcorn for us all to share which we did in a cubby house that we made under the picnic table. We also had a treat today from the CafĂ©. I suggested hot chocolates but the boys insisted on Ginger bread men instead.

It was fun to have a treat on our last day together.

After lunch I lay down the blanket and sat on it. Luke yelled out, ‘Stacks on Carly! Look out Carly.’ Suddenly, I had three boys charging at me giggling and yes, they all jumped on top of me. We played this rumbly tumbly game for quite some time. It felt like a nice intimate moment with the three boys and I got loads of cuddles.

I have grown very fond of all the children in this group and will miss them dearly. Saying goodbye wasn’t easy. Thank you to the parents for blessing me with the company of your beautiful children on Wednesdays. I wish all three boys well as they venture off until there is space on days that suit.  I also wish Archie who joins the Tuesday group and Ella who joins the Wednesday group a continued wonderful time at the farm .

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