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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What are you two up to ..?

Samson and Kornelius were like liquid silver today ... morphing from one moment to the next.

We want you to catch us Ah-nella!

 A 'Who me?' moment when the chocolate cake went down quickly ..

Is that a little halo over your head Kornelius?

Huddling in with the gang ...

While we were all looking at the baby peacock chicks ... they were already over seeing if there were any little chickens ... look close ... you'll see them ...

Then down in the back paddock at the end of the day, Kornelius came running with great excitement and some concern.  'Quick, come look, we've found something from a possum!'   I though maybe they were looking at possum poo and we were taking a moment after just having found out Possum the guinea pig, Samson's all time favourited ... had died.

Here's what happened with that news ...

As we talked about this, Kornelius announced, 'Well we all gonna die.' 

'I'm not,' said Samson as if Kornelius had just said the most absurd thing to him.

'Yes you are', said Kornelius. 'We all are, you gonna get really old and then your body stop moving and then you die.' (He wasn't even around for the chat last friday ... see ... so what happens when animals die? )

He then added ... 'and you can't get out of the dirt because if you do, people will only see your old bones.'

To which Samson added, ' ... unless your a' alive skeleton, because some skeletons are alive.'

At this point we all headed down to the back paddock talking more about death and dying and back to what happened when Kornelius came running in the back paddock ...

Over we all went to see what Samson and Kornelius had found and there in the grass was a furry wet and very perfect little possum foot.   Now that's the foot from a possum, nothing at all to do with Possum the guinea pig.

We all just looked at for a moment.  It was quite strange ... so perfect and attached to nothing  the children a little stunned as it just looked odd ... they were also very curious.

Once we checked underneath and could see it really was a possum's foot,  I talked to the children about how foxes come out and night ... and so do possums, to play ... and how foxes like possums, the same as cats like mice ... sometimes they catch them and eat them.

We talked about this a little.  What was of most concern to the children was what to do with the foot.

We decided to bury it and took it into the garden where the soil is soft, dug a hole, placed it in and covered it over.   It was such a good moment to just gently talk a little more about what happens when animals die and where they go ... and why we care about what happens to their bodies.

... then it was time for home and I was imaging that first thing out of the mouths of the children as it happened in the moment closest to home time, was something about finding a possums foot ... which I've heard at the time of posting already did happen in a fashion at one house.

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